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Change of Reservations

1. Click [Change/Cancellation Record of Reservations] on the left side menu


Any online changes to reservations will be accepted until by 11:59pm the day prior to your check-in. If you wish to change your reservation after 12:00am (check-in day), please contact with the Users Office directly.

2. Click relevant Reservation No.

Click Accommodation Reservation -> 2. Change/Cancellation Record of Reservations (upper figure)or Accommodation Booking and/or Travel Expenses -> 2. Cancel/Change Accommodation Booking or Travel Expenses Application (see figure below).


3. Click “Change Accommodation”

3-1. Change check-in/out date

Click “Change Accommodation” and modify the date.

Click “Confirm”

3-2. Request/cancel the “Outside stay” during your period of stay

Click “Reservation period” and modify the schedule.