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Departure Procedures

All borrowed items should be returned before you leave, and the Beamtime Completion Form should be submitted after completing your experiment.

Submit the Experimental Report

MLF Experiment Report (non-proprietary experiments only)

MLF Experimental Report

Principal Investigators are required to submit the MLF Experimental Report via the J-PARC Result Management System within 60 days of the Beamtime Completion Form approval.. This is necessary for all non-proprietary experiment principal investigators. Please note that a beamtime fee will be charged if the experimental report is not submitted by the deadline. If the experimental report is not submitted by the deadline, your future proposals may be rejected.

The Beamtime Completion Form must be submitted and approved before the MLF Experimental Report is submitted.

  • The MLF Experimental Report must include a practical description of the methods used to perform your experiments at MLF and the results that were obtained. Please note the current status of your data analysis if possible.
  • In the event that your experiment produces poor results, note the reason(s) for failure on the report.
  • The report must be completed in English. Only proposals reviewed by the Neutron and Muon Program Review Committee of Industrial Applications may be report in Japanese.
  • Note that submitted reports are published in the MLF annual report or on the website.
By when
12 Beamtime Completion Form Submit via the User Support System   Immediately following the completion your experiment
13 MLF Experimental Report
※Non-proprietary experiments only
Register via the J-PARC Result Management System   Within 60 days of the Beamtime Completion Form approval

Departing MLF

Return all borrowed items

Please return all borrowed items to the Users Office just before you leave J-PARC.

Office Hours
9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Closed Saturday Sunday, and Japanese national holidays

There is a return box located outside of the Users Office building, near the side entrance. Please drop any borrowed items here if you are returning them outside office hours.

Items Taken Home

If you forget to return any items before you leave, please inform the Users Office, then mail the item(s) back or keep them until your next visit.

Submit the Beamtime Completion Form

The Principal Investigator should submit the beamtime completion form via User Support System at the completion of your experiment and before you leave the J-PARC.

It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the Beamtime Completion Form

This form should be submitted for both non-proprietary and proprietary experiments.

Experimental Report and Registration of Published Documents