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Procedures Upon Arrival at J-PARC

Users are required to attend On-site Safety Training, and receive requisite items upon arrival at J-PARC.

On-site Safety Training

Users are required to attend On-site Safety Training on the first visit of each fiscal year (from April 1 to March 31 of the following year) as part of the radiation worker registration process at J-PARC.
General safety training
Radiation safety training
Laws and ordinances on the prevention of radiation hazards by radioisotopes and radiation generators
Please understand that confirmatory tests will be conducted after each training.

Arrival During Users Office Hours 9:00am-5:00pm weekdays

Lending of Items

Please collect your J-PARC User ID Card, Vehicle permission pass, and OSL glass badge at the J-PARC Users Office before entering the site. No further procedures are required at the JAEA main gate.

Reservation for On-site Safety Training

Please note your anticipated arrival time at the Users Office on (6)"Application Form to Visit J-PARC." The Users Office will arrange for training upon your arrival time. Alternately, please directly inform the Users Office.


Arrival Outside the Users Office Hours5:00pm-9:00am on weekdays, anytime Saturdays, Sundays, and on Japanese national holidays

Lending of Items

Please collect J-PARC ID card, Vehicle permission pass, OSL glass badge at Tokai Dormitory. Please send a photograph of your face to the Users Office by an email (jpg format, no larger than 4MB) in advance in order to have a J-PARC User ID card ready on your arrival.

Reservation for 0n-site Safety Training

How An advanced reservation is required. Please advise the Users Office in advance of your preferred date and time for the safety training
WhenAvailable until 8:00pm during operations
※Available in office hours only during shutdown period.
WhereMLF and others. Individual details will be announced

Following the experiment