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Other Facilities

Other Facilities in J-PARC

Building names are indicated by "Building number:Grid number".

Meeting Rooms in IQBRC

Meeting Rooms (two rooms)

Meeting rooms are available on the first and fourth floors of IQBRC. Please make reservations at the Users Office.


Occupancy: 30, A video-conference system, projector, and screen are available


Occupancy: 10, A video-conference system, projector, and screen are available

How to reserve
Please contact to the Users Office by email.
How to use
  • Please visit the Users Office to receive a key card for the room.
  • Please return all items to their original positions after use, and return the key card to the Users Office.
  • A portable projector and screen are available. Please contact to the Users Office if you need them.

Rental Items for Meetings

Projector and Screen (one each)

A portable projector and screen are available for rent. Please inquire at the Users Office.

Baggage Locker

IQBRC 1F (B102)
How to Use
Coin return locker
Please complete the "List for Coin Locker Users" form before you use. If you lose the key, please contact the Users Office immediately.
  • The baggage locker room is locked during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and national holidays. Please be sure to collect items from the lockers during weekdays (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  • The Users Office performs regular checks to see how the lockers are being used. The Users Office staff may request that you return the lockers if any luggages is left inside after your application period has expired.
  • Please understand that we may open the lockers for checks at the discretion of the Users Office.

Other Facilities

JAEA Library

Open for reading, lending, and photocopy services for books.

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

To read books at the library
Complete a visitor form at the library reception. You do not need a library card.
To borrow books
A "Library Card" issued by the JAEA Intellectual Resources Department is necessary in order to borrow books.

Please inquire at the Users Office if you need a card. Cards are issued approximately one week from the time of request.

JAEA Machine Shop

JAEA Machine Shop is a work space open to users for basic works.

Fitness Facilities

KEK Tennis Court
The tennis court is located to the south of the IQBRC site. To use, please contact the J-PARC Users Office.
JAEA Playground, Gymnasium, Tennis Court
To use, please contact any JAEA staff member.

Other Information

Industrial Waste Disposal

Industrial waste, such as packaging materials used by the user to transport any experimental equipment to J-PARC should be remitted to the industrial waste disposal company contracted by JAEA for disposal.