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BL20 iMATERIA IBARAKI Materials Design Diffractometer


High efficiency and high resolution crystal structure refinements for wide d region

Research ObjectivesCrystal structure and atomic arrangement refiments for energy device materials, such as Li battery and fuel battery materials.
Features100 times higher intensity from previous instruments.
Various measurement modes using 4 detector banks.
Wide d range measurement.
Promotion for industrial use.


Last Update: 2017-01-20

InstrumentIBARAKI Materials Design Diffractometer (iMATERIA)
Overview of instrumentHigh-efficiency, general-purpose neutron diffractometer for the analysis of crystal structure of powder samples over a wide d-range (Q-range).
ModeratorPoisoned decoupled hydrogen moderator
Range of d-spacing0.181 ~ 2.6 Å (SF mode), 5.09 Å (DF mode) (backward detector bank)
0.255 ~ 3.6 Å (SF mode), 7.2 Å (DF mode) (90-degree detector bank)
0.25 ~ 20 Å (SF mode), 40 Å (DF mode) (low-angle detector bank)
12.5 ~ 450 Å (SF mode), 900 Å (DF mode) (small-angle detector bank)
Resolution (Δd/d)0.16 % (@ backward detector bank)
0.5 % (@ 90 degree detector bank)(SF and DF mode)
Estimated measurement time (@ 200 kW, 25 Hz operation )~15 minutes (SF mode), 30 minutes (DF mode) for Si
~20 minutes (SF mode), 40 minutes (DF mode) for LiCoO2
Sample size and/or volumeApproximately 1.4 cc
(φ6mm x 50 mm high. Samples with a height of 20 mm are exposed to the neutron beam. Measurement will take longer for samples with a smaller volume.)
Auxiliary equipment and sample environmentSample changer (room temperature at atmospheric and low pressures )
High temperature furnace (900°C)
High temperature gas controlled furnace (1000°C)
Closed cycle refrigerator (~10K−RT,RT-400°C)
Sample changer for Small angle measurement
Refrigerator with sample changer (10K-RT, RT-800K, 10 samples) is under commission.
Other information for user's convenienceNone

Beamline Team

ContactToru ISHIGAKI (Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences, Ibaraki University)
Secondary contactAkinori HOSHIKAWA (Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences,Ibaraki University)
Secondary contactSatoshi KOIZUMI (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University)
Yukihiko YOSHIDA (Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences,Ibaraki University)
Ken MATSUKAWA (Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences,Ibaraki University)
Yusuke ONUKI (Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences,Ibaraki University)

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