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BL16 SOFIA Soft Interface Analyzer


Shed light on "nano-interface" structure with reflection of neutrons

Research ObjectivesNano structure of every interface including free interfaces like water.
FeaturesNeutron reflectometer can color what you would like to see with isotopes, e.g. by heavy hydrogen, and can observe the reflection from buried interfaces thanks to high transmittance of neutrons.

The SOFIA reflectometer is a horizontal type reflectometer for investigating various kinds of interfaces, mainly for softmatters, on the nanometer to sub-micrometre length scale in the depth direction. Owing to characteristics of neutrons, it is possible to distinguish an interesting part labeled with deuterium and/or observe an interface between solid and liquid through a substrate. In addition, high flux neutron beam of J-PARC enable us to follow structural changes after temperature-jump or liquid-contact with the time-slice of the seconds to tens of minutes in a wide qz-region utilizing special apparatus for the time-slicing measurement.


Last Update: 2016-10-11

InstrumentSoft Interface Analyzer (SOFIA)
Overview of instrumentRapid, multi-dimensional investigation of material interfaces and thin films under various conditions.
ModeratorCoupled hydrogen moderator
Incident neutron energy or wavelength0.2 nm < λ < 0.88 nm (single frame mode)
0.25 nm < λ < 1.76 nm (double frame mode)
Scattering angleθ < 6 deg.
Observable reflectivityR > ~10-7
Duration timeWith the beam power of 200 kW
3" deuterated polymer (Q < 1 nm-1, R < 10-4): 8 minutes
3" deuterated polymer (Q < 2 nm-1, R < 10-6): 30 minutes
3" deuterated polymer (Q < 4 nm-1, R < 10-7): 1.5 hour
3" hydrated polymer (Q < 2 nm-1, R < 10-7): 3 hours
Detector2-dimensional scintillation counter (off-specular reflectivity measurement is available)
Sample environment− High-temperature cell (RT-250°C, evacuable)
− Low temperature cell (0°C-100°C, gas-replaceable)
− Langmuir trough (for air-liquid interface measurement)
− Sample cell for solid/liquid interface measurement (for 3 inch substrate; liquid can be injected remotely)
Other information for user's conveniencePlease communicate with the contact before application if you have an unclear point.

Beamline Team

ContactNorifumi YAMADA (Institute of Materials Structure Science/J-PARC Center, KEK)
Secondary contactHideki SETO (Institute of Materials Structure Science/J-PARC Center, KEK)
Hitoshi ENDO (Institute of Materials Structure Science/J-PARC Center, KEK)
Koichiro HORI (Institute of Materials Structure Science, KEK)

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