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BL14 AMATERAS Cold-Neutron Disk-Chopper Spectrometer


The best resolution, the best intensity for your inelastic and quasi-elastic scattering experiment!

Research ObjectivesPhonon and magnetic excitation in a hard matter; Atomic/molecular motion, oscillation and diffusion in liquid, polymer, battery and catalyst.
FeaturesObserving slow dynamics of atoms, molecules and spins, making use of both high resolution and the multi-Ei measurement.


Last Update: 2017-11-27

InstrumentCold-neutron disk-chopper spectrometer (AMATERAS)
Overview of instrumentInelastic scattering spectrometer for detecting dynamical properties in atomic, molecular and magnetic systems in a relatively low-energy range with high resolution
ModeratorCoupled hydrogen moderator
Incident neutron energy1 < Ei < 80 meV
Detection angleHorizontal: 5 deg. - 110 deg.
Vertical: -16 deg. - 23 deg. (current state)

Horizontal: -40 deg. - 136 deg.
Vertical: -16 deg. - 23 deg. (final stage)
Resolution (ΔE/Ei)~1% (minimum) at Ei < 3meV
~2-3% (minimum) at Ei < 20meV
~4-5% ( minimum) at Ei < 80meV.
(These are current values. More accurate values will be posted as commissioning progresses.)
Neutron intensity (@sample position @1MW)3 ×104 n/s/cm2 (@ Ei = 20 meV, ΔE/Ei = 1 %) (expected)
Sample size and/or volumeOptimal dimensions for beam are 1φ×2 cm
Ancillary equipment and sample environmentBottom-loading closed cycle refrigerator (5-300 K)
Top-loading closed cycle refrigerator (7-300 K)
High-temperature stick (T < 500 K)
Other BL-common equipment is also available.*1 (On AMATERAS, some of equiments can not be used at their full-spec. Please contact BL14 staff members for more detailes.)

Beamline Team

ContactKenji NAKAJIMA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Secondary contactSeiko OHIRA-KAWAMURA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Tatsuya KIKUCHI (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Maiko KOFU (J-PARC Center, JAEA)

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