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BL02 DNA Biomolecular Dynamics Spectrometer


Elucidation of functional origins of materials by measuring atomic and molecular dynamics in nanosecond order

Research ObjectivesBiomacromolecules, Softmaterials, Atomic motion in functional materials, Spin dynamics in magnetic materials.
FeaturesHigh efficiency and high signal-to-noise ratio are achieved to detect meaningful weak signals in inelastic energy region by sophisticated new Si analyzer mirrors coated with a Gd neutron absorber on the rear of a Si wafer, significantly reducing undesirable scattering from glue between Si wafers and their back support.


Last Update: 2014-10-07

InstrumentBiomolecular Dynamics Spectrometer (DNA)
Overview of instrumentThe field of expected scientific research on the DNA spectrometer is very wide including the soft matter dynamics, the bio-molecular dynamics, the chemical molecular dynamics, the characterizations of the functional materials and the spin dynamics in the magnetism.
ModeratorCoupled hydrogen moderator
Analyzer Crystal and Reflection index (Analyzed Energy Ef )Si <111>(2.02 meV), Si <311>(7.4 meV)
Bragg angle of analyzers~87.5 [deg.]
Scan angleHorizontal : -164° +164°, Vertical : -14° +20°(in plan)
Energy Resolution [meV]1.6 µeV (@elastic) Si<111>
7 µeV (@elastic) Si<311> (in plan)
Momentum range0.08 < Q < 1.98 [A-1]: Si(111)
1.04 < Q < 3.79 [A-1]: Si(311) (in plan)
Scan energy range-40 < E < 100 (µeV) : single pulse scan around Ef
-600 < E < +600 (µeV) : 3 chopper phase scan with 3 slits
Sample size and/or volume1cm × 1cm × 1cm3
Ancillary equipment and sample environmentToploading type Cryo-Fanace with Closed cycle refrigerator (4-600K)

Beamline Team

ContactKaoru SHIBATA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Secondary contactYukinobu KAWAKITA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Bing LI (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Hiroshi NAKAGAWA (Materials Sciences Research Center/J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Secondary contactMasato MATSUURA (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Taiki TOMINAGA (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Takeshi YAMADA (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Makoto KOBAYASHI (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)

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