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BL01 4SEASONS 4D-Space Access Neutron Spectrometer


Observation of lattice and spin dynamics in condensed matter over a wide range of four-dimensional momentum-energy space with very high efficiency

Research ObjectivesNovel phenomena in lattice vibrations and spin excitations in strongly correlated electron system, especially high-temperature superconductors.
FeaturesWith advanced design of beam transport system and detectors, and by active utilization of multi-incident-energy measurements, the spectrometer can efficiently observe weak signals from lattice and spin dynamics that have not been detected before.

4SEASONS is a high-intensity Fermi-chopper spectrometer to efficiently collect weak inelastic signals from novel spin and lattice dynamics in condensed matters. The instrument is intended to provide high counting rate up to 300 meV neutron energy with moderate resolution (ΔE/Ei>5% at E=0). To achieve this goal, the spectrometer equips advanced instrumental design such as an elliptic-shaped converging neutron guide and a wide area position sensitive detector consisting of long-length (2.5m) 3He tubes arranged cylindrically inside the vacuum scattering chamber. Furthermore, the spectrometer is ready for multi-incident-energy measurements by the repetition rate multiplication method, which promises much higher measurement efficiency compared with conventional chopper spectrometers.


Last Update: 2017-11-27

Instrument4D-Space Access Neutron Spectrometer (4SEASONS)
Overview of instrumentThe spectrometer is intended for clarification of novel phenomena in high-Tc superconductors and related materials by investigation of spin and lattice dynamics over 4D momentum and energy space with high efficiency.
ModeratorCoupled hydrogen moderator
Incident neutron energy5 < Ei < 300 meV
Detection angleHorizontal : -35° - 91°, Vertical : -25° - 27°
Resolution (ΔE/Ei)> 5 % (@ E = 0 meV)
Neutron intensity (@sample position @1MW)1×105 n⁄s⁄cm2 (@Ei = 50 meV, ΔE/Ei = 5 %) (calculated value)
Beam sizeMaximum 45 mm × 45 mm, optimum 20 mm × 20 mm,
adjustable by motorized slits
Ancillary equipment and sample environmentClosed cycle refrigerator (5-300K)
A high-temperature option (up to 600K) is available
Radial collimator (for detail, please contact the instrument scientists)
Other common SE equipments (please contact the instrument scientists for the available equipments)


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Beamline Team

ContactRyoichi KAJIMOTO (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Secondary contactMitsutaka NAKAMURA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Yasuhiro INAMURA (J-PARC Center, JAEA)
Kazuya KAMAZAWA (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Kazuhiko IKEUCHI (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Kazuki IIDA (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Motoyuki ISHIKADO (Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS)
Naoki MURAI (J-PARC Center, JAEA)

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