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MLF Route Map

MLF Route Map

Maps and directions from the main train stations and airports near J-PARC MLF.

Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center (IQBRC) building
IQBRC main entrance
Users Office

Getting Around MLF

JR Tokai Station to JAEA main gate
Distance: 3.2km, Time: Bus and Taxi, 15min. / walk 40min.
Genkenmae bus stop - J-PARC Users Office(IQBRC)
Distance: 350m, Time: Walk, 5min.
J-PARC Users Office(IQBRC) - MLF
Distance: 2.2km, Time: Walk, 30min.
J-PARC Users Office(IQBRC) - Tokai Dormitory
Distance: 100m, Time: Walk, 1min.

From JR Tokai station

Tokai Station, East exit->Road 62->Genshiryoku kagaku kenkyujyo 3.2km, approx. 40 min.
Tokai Station, East exit approx. 15min.
  • Sun Taxi:029-282-0377
Village Bus [ Timetable] [ Bus Map](April 2018)
Tokai station East exit~Ibarakihigashi National Hospital Line 『9 Genken Mae』 approx. 10min.

Village Bus Service

Take the bus from the No.2 bus stop at the Tokai Station East exit

Bus stop at Tokai Station East exit
Bus stop
Bus stop sign

From JR Tokyo Station

Highway bus [details]
Katsuta Tokai line 『Tokai Genken Mae (in front of JAEA Main gate)』approx. 150min.
Do not take off the bus at『Tokai Genshiryoku Kikou Mae』

The bus to Tokai Genshiryoku Kikou Mae stops at Tokyo Station will stop at 『Tokai Genken Mae』after stopping at 『Tokai Station East exit』. The Users Office is within walking distance from the Tokai Genken Mae bus stop; walk north on Route 245 for approximately 5 minutes and you will reach it.

Traveling to the JR Tokai Station

From the JR Tokyo Station (by JR line)

as of March 16, 2015.

  • Required time (Tokyo-Tokai: minimum approx. 1.5 hours
    • Tokyo-Mito/by『Hitachi』: 74min (1hour and 14min)
    • Mito-Tokai/by local train: 15min
  • Fee (Tokyo districts-Tokai: 3,820JPY)
    • Fare: 2,270JPY (same fare for Yamanote Line)
    • Express surcharge(Shinagawa, Tokyo, Ueno-Mito): 1,550JPY
  • JR Joban Line Limited Express Trains『HITACHI (Super Express)』and『TOKIWA (Limited Express)』 are available from the Ueno, Shinagawa and Tokyo Stations.
  • Some express trains do stop at Tokai Station. However, most trains do not stop at Tokai Station. Therefore you will need to transfer to the local train at Katsuta or Mito Stations.
  • If you transfer to a local train at Mito, Tokai will be the third station from Mito (15min).
  • If you transfer to a local train at Katsuta, Tokai will be the second station from Mito (10min).

From IBARAKI Airport (highway bus)

Ibaraki Airport~Hitachiota Express Bus Terminal [details]
Disembark at Tokai Station East exit (one bus / day) allowing 90 minutes for travel, or disembark at Mito Station (three buses / day) allowing 40 minutes for travel.

From Narita Airport (Rose Liner)

There are three buses in the morning and six buses in the afternoon that depart from the airport for Tokai Station. Take the bus bound for "Mito, Hitachinaka and Hitachi" and disembark at the Tokai Station East exit.

  • Travel time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • One way adult fare: 3,100 JPY
  • Timetable
  • Please see here for reservations.

From Haneda Airport (airport limousine bus)

There are five buses that depart from Haneda Airport between 1:00pm and 9:00pm. Please note that there is no bus service in the morning.

  • Travel time: approx. 2.5-3 hours
  • One way adult fare: 3,800 JPY